Fitness and Life Questions

Questions of this sort will not be answered via e-mail. Your customer support team is not qualified to answer. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We offer four options to send your questions to Elliott:

1. I personally answer all questions related to fitness, training and life in Strength Camp Nation community forum.

2. Send a YouTube message to one of Elliott's YouTube channels, depending on what kind of question you have… and Elliott might make you a video response. Please remember that we receive hundreds of questions, so we cannot guarantee an answer. Also, a lot people feel their questions are unique. You'd be surprised that if you have a question, someone else had it before you and chances are, Elliott already posted a video on that very topic, or very similar to it. So we ask you to please browse these channels before submitting your question. You might save yourself time and frustration.

Strength & Fitness

Physiology, Philosophy & Life

Campaign For Non-Jobs

3. Post your question on Elliott's Twitter account where he tries his best to answer question about once a week. We can not guarantee that your question will be answered.

4. Private Coaching Session with Elliott CLICK HERE to complete an application and set an appointment.  (Serious Inquiries ONLY: This is not for everyone, please consider exactly what you would like to discuss with Elliott before applying and paying for your session.)

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