What does 1on1 entail?

The 1-on-1 coaching includes the following

  • Completely Customized Strength Camp Training Program based on the Strength Camp Method.
  • The Strength Camp Coaching Welcome Kit — Team Strength Camp tank top, exclusive Strength Camp Camo wrist band, The Strength Camp Log Book.
  • Elliott’s Advanced Video Coaching Series, where he goes in depth into various topics, including: exercise selection, program design, dieting and nutrition, periodization, energetic holding patterns, and more...
  • Your Personal Strength Camp Coach — personal access to a Strength Camp Certified Coachwho is under the direct leadership of Coach Chris and Elliott. Your coach will provide you with workouts, nutrition guidelines, email support, and much more. We want to give you the full experience of being a Strength Camp member, online.
  • Full Access To The Strength Camp Online Forum, including access to over 20 of Elliott's classic training programs (Advanced 5X5, 7 Strategies For A Stronger Nervous System, The Manifesto of Strength, and more…)
  • Monthly Q & A Calls With Coach Chris & Elliott
  • The Grow Stronger Assessments - Our assessments are designed to give us a “big picture” overview of your health and strength so that we can better design your program.
  • The Strength Camp Index 
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