How is Lean Hybrid Muscle training different than Cross Fit?

Cross Fit is a great training style.   I respect the discipline and think they have some great workouts.

From what I’ve read the rest intervals are very short and the workouts are fast and often.  What I like about Cross Fit is that it incorporates resistance cardio which I am all for.  However I had a goal of not just dropping weight and fat, but also wanted to build muscle mass and  strength.

Sure, Lean Hybrid Muscle Building and Cross Fit may use some of the same exercises but they are done with different rest periods, volume and intensity.

Just like a bodybuilder and a powerlifter may both perform the bench press, they perform that lift very differently from each other.

Lean Hybrid Muscle Building is cross-disciplinary like Cross Fit but it has a much greater emphasis on gaining strength and muscle mass than Cross Fit does.  Cross Fit is cool and can produce great results, but I think it’s better suited for goals of conditioning, toning or developing agility, speed or endurance.

On the other hand, if you want to get lean while building strong powerful muscles than Lean Hybrid Muscle Building is a clear winner hands down.

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